Frequently Asked Questions

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How much time does LGS construction take ?

LGS construction takes approximately 5 times less time compared to RCC construction for instance a 5,000-8,000 sq.ft project can be completed within 6-8 weeks.

How is LGS cost effective ?

LGS construction takes 5 times less time than traditional building, significantly lowering project costs. Every component is precisely designed with CAD-CAM software and manufactured with a CNC machine, ensuring that design and material variability is minimal throughout the project, ensuring that the cost of the project remains constant at all stages and that wastage is kept to a minimum. On average, it is 40% more cost-effective than traditional RCC construction.

What Cladding material can be used in LGS ?

Any type of cladding material can be used in LGS structures – Steel , Aluminium, Brick , Stone , Wood , PVC , Weatherboard panel ,Cement Board  Different hybrid combinations along with Jali design framework etc. In a nutshell there are no restrictions in LGS structures.

How strong is LGS construction ?

LGS materials have the highest strength-to-weight ratio in comparison with other traditional construction elements, which also allows the user to have longer clear spans. All the designing is completed using CAD-CAM software carrying out all dynamic and static loading analysis and following the Indian Standard Code.


Some Regular Questions

How is LGS Green Construction ?

LGS construction aims to be carbon neutral in design, and because everything is made in a controlled environment, pollution and material waste are kept to a minimum. Unlike RCC construction, dust particle dispersion is minimal on-site, making it ideal for regions where the building must cause the least amount of pollution, such as urban areas, particularly Delhi.

Does LGS have terrain Limitation ?

The entire structure is meticulously developed using dynamic and static loading simulations and manufactured with great precision using CNC machines, ensuring that each structure meets the terrain’s specifications. Hence it is indeed ideal for Hills and the coastal regions due to its durability.

Does LGS construction have Electrical and Plumbing Issues ?

Pre-punched holes in the web of the floor joist, trusses, and wall studs are included with LGS frames. When pre-punched holes are utilized to run electrical and plumbing lines, the installation of these services is quick and painless.

Is LGS construction safe during fire ?

Steel is non-combustible, thus it doesn’t add to the fire’s fuel supply. The greatest strategy for preventing fire spread in a building is to have appropriate fire breaks present in the structure. Because of its non-combustible nature and durability, LGS has become a popular alternative for non-combustible construction in commercial and residential applications.

How much maintenance is required in LGS structures ?

LGS buildings require the least amount of maintenance possible, as all elements are individually designed with great precision, and minimizing human error which results in the highest possible product quality. Due to the long-lasting nature of steel and highest strength-to-weight ratio, it gives the structure extra longterm durability as the nature of the structure does not change with time unlike seen in RCC.

Does LGS Structures have Moisture related Problems ?

As steel can not absorb water, moisture-related problems like as warping, shrinking and twisting that plague other construction materials do not exist in LGS construction.  Due to which LGS does not have any fungal or mould growths that are caused by moisture concerns. 

What are advantages of LGS in residential buildings ?

Advantages of LGS in residential buildings :
1. 5 Times faster construction compared to traditional RCC ( Time Saving)
2. All the designing is completed using CAD-CAM software carrying out all dynamic and static loading analysis which gives the structure extra durability.
3. 40% more cost-effective than traditional RCC construction
4. Higher Strength: Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio which adds extra durability to the structure and allows longer possible spans. At the same time nature of the steel, elements don’t change with time unlike RCC hence the durability remains long-term.
5.Seismic Zones: All the designing is completed using CAD-CAM software carrying out all dynamic and static loading analysis and following the Indian Standard Code, hence making it durable for any type of terrain.
6. Green Construction: 70 % more carbon-friendly compared to traditional construction techniques.

Can LGS be used to add an extra floor on existing structure ?

LGS is the best option for adding additional floors because it takes the least amount of time and does not place a significant load on existing load bearing structures, decreasing the need for additional reinforcing. LGS material is simple to transport and install on the job site, requiring minimal time and disruption.

Can LGS Floor be topped with Concrete ?

The steel truss floor is topped with concrete making it a robust system, the steel trusses provide the strength and stiffness to accommodate heavy floor loads as they are not susceptible to sagging or creeping. The full hybrid system works like a normal floor slab with more durability. 

How does LGS help to maintain Indoor Air Quality ?

Steel is an inert building material that does not emit fumes, gases, vapors or support the growth of toxic molds and fungi. In combination with the internal and external cladding, the inside environment is well protected and controlled to the desire of the inhabitants. The long-lasting durability of steel allows keeps the inside environment durable for a longer period of time.