It’s important that your WiFi signal moves from one room to another, whether you’re streaming a movie in the cellar or following a guideline to install laminate flooring. To get rid of WiFi dead zones, and to improve your internet speed you will require a WiFi signal extender or booster.

A WiFi signal booster (also known as wireless range extender) is a device that takes in a weak WiFi signal and amplifies it before broadcasting it to more areas. The process expands the WiFi coverage area and lets users browse the internet without having to use their data packages or getting disconnected.

The most commonly used type of WiFi booster is a powerline extender for Wi-Fi. It uses the electrical wiring of your home to rebroadcast the WiFi signal and improve the speed of your internet. It can be installed quickly and easily by connecting it to an electrical outlet close to your router or where you need an additional boost in WiFi.

There are a variety of different WiFi signal booster models that vary in terms of design, range and amplification power. Some are designed as an outlet for a wall or desktop and others come with larger antennas on the outside and can improve WiFi coverage in many rooms. Furthermore certain devices are capable of functioning as both a Wi-Fi repeater and an extender. You must select the model which best meets your requirements. You should position the device in a location that is not cluttered with walls or appliances.