Looking for high-quality pre-fab walls in Delhi? Our CNC-manufactured drywall partition system made from Tata and JSW light gauge steel is the perfect solution.

Our walls can be designed to fit any length, shape, and design, and can easily accommodate any size of window or door opening. Thanks to our use of CNC technology, our walls are manufactured with full accuracy and consistency, which makes for fast and easy installation. They are also extremely durable, so you can be confident that they will last for years to come.

Our wall systems are designed to easily accommodate any type of material, such as cement boards, gypsum, WPC, HPL, Alucobond, and more. Plus, our walls are galvanized with aluminum and zinc coating manufactured only by JSW and Tata Steel raw material, which have over 75 years of rust-free life. Contact us today to learn more about our pre-fab wall solutions for your home or office in Delhi

Office Partition Wall System Starting At Rs. 90 Per Sq Ft.

Cement Boards / Gypsum Easy Installation


Green Construction






Our Main Focus

Green Construction

Our partition walls are CNC machine made full of details and can accommodate cement boards, gypsum, wall papers etc. Quick installation and also green construction with an eco-friendly steel material.
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LGSF Steel Partition Wall is a handy, safe and extremely versatile product. Suitable for joining rooms and separating internal spaces, this wall can be easily installed wherever needed in your home or office. Built to order in our factory it will fit perfectly into any room and easily installed with 100% accuracy. 
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The Partitions Wall can be fit with any ceiling height. It is made by CNC machine and full-accuracy. If you need to install or remove partitions it can be done quickly and easily.
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Building Tomorrow Responsibily

At our pre-fab construction firm in Delhi, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality projects to our clients while minimizing our environmental impact. Traditional construction methods often result in high levels of carbon emissions and dust particles, which can cause long-term environmental damage. That’s why we’ve embraced LGSF construction processes, which allow us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of our projects. With LGSF, we can design and build structures that are not only stronger and more durable than traditional construction methods, but also more environmentally friendly. By minimizing waste, reducing energy usage, and using sustainable materials, we’re doing our part to create a better tomorrow. Contact us today to learn more about our pre-fab construction services and how we can help you create a sustainable, eco-friendly building in Delhi.

Our Mission

Deliver projects of the highest quality while causing the least amount of environmental disruption.

Our Vision

LGS construction will soon replace traditional construction method and as a company we aim to be a part of that transition.

Our Value

Build Quality in Time